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Our Bakery

Hard to imagine that just about 10 years ago, this location was known for its biker bar.  While we had fun running the bar, having live music at occasions and celebrating Bike Rally, we decided to change the direction. We were looking for a place where Kids don't feel left out. If kids are left out, parents will too. 

So we changed everything around and made it to an Ice Cream parlor. Things started looking different. We added some sitting spaces. Some rustic decor. And our clientele exploded. We noticed, our guests loved the homely atmosphere and our home-baked goods. We focuse on fresh, healthy and homecooked meals. 

Continued hard work, attention to every small detail, focus on healthy and Fresh food, made us very successful over the years.  



Our Burgers: Freshly made with beef that has never been frozen and hand pattied

Chicken: We serve "Natural Chicken" look for Natural Chicken sign in our menu. That means, it is Antibiotic Free, Hormone Free, No Preservatives, No Artificial Ingredients. Vegetarian Fed, Minimally Processed, and All Natural

Bakery: Homemade bakery, made fresh every day. 

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